August 12, 2022 Iowa Public Radio
Norwood says Iowa is out of balance with water quality, soil loss and rural population decline

Des Moines, IA -  The Democrat running for Iowa agriculture secretary said he’ll represent farmers and consumers if he’s elected.

Polk County Soil and Water Commissioner John Norwood spoke to a crowd at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox on Thursday afternoon. He said the position of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture must have a strong focus on food, land and water.

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August 12, 2022 Atlantic News Telegraph
Democrat candidates visit Atlantic

Atlantic, IA - Deidre DeJear, democratic candidate for governor, and John Norwood, Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, visited Atlantic last week, including a stop at the Harrisdale Farmstead and the Atlantic High School for a round table discussion on “Feeding Our Community.”  Norwood talked about the importance of Iowa farmers feeding Iowans. “Iowa imports nearly 90% of the food we eat,” Norwood said, “with 24 billion acres of cultivated land in Iowa, we have an opportunity to start beginning farmers and feed our region.”

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August 11, 2022 NWestIowa.com
Norwood offers new vision for state's ag office

Sibley, IA -  John Norwood has entered the race for a statewide position that we would argue is one of the most important offices in Iowa. "I think of this position as the secretary of food, land, and water. If you eat and you drink water, you should have an interest in this position", Norwood said.
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August 10, 2022 Bellevue Herald-Leader
Ag Secretary candidates chart different courses for conservation, water quality

Bellevue, IA - The candidates for Iowa secretary of agriculture offer sharp contrasts in terms of their priorities and assessments of the greatest challenges facing farmers.

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July 31, 2022 Cedar Rapids Gazette
Norwood wants to transform agriculture

Cedar Rapids, IA - Democratic candidate for Iowa secretary of agriculture John Norwood has a lot of plans for transforming Iowa agriculture. A lot. You’ll need to set aside a chunk of time to hear them all. A flowchart might come in handy. But near the end of our roughly hour long talk this past week, he summed up what needs to change succinctly. “In Iowa if you can’t grow it on a million acres, it’s not worth our time,” Norwood said. “We have that mindset, a commodity mindset.”
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July 31, 2022 Muscatine Journal
John Norwood visits Muscatine

Muscatine, IA - With the Nov. 8 elections coming up quickly, Iowa Secretary of Agricultural candidate John Norwood visited Muscatine Thursday afternoon to discuss advocating for the needs of all food producers in Iowa. The current Soil and Water Commissioner for Polk County, Norwood describes himself as a “Tip O’Neil style Democrat.” He said that he is running for Secretary of Agriculture because he feels Iowa needs a modern vision for the “highly productive but unbalanced” agricultural production system. Norwood hopes to look after farmers and agricultural producers and at the same time look out for the needs of all Iowans. He said his goal is to “build Iowa to last.”

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July 26, 2022 Telegraph Herald
Norwood shares vision for more sustainable ag system during visit to Dubuque

Dubuque, IA - Democrat John Norwood, running for Iowa secretary of agriculture, said in a Monday stop in Dubuque.
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July 21, 2022 Carroll Times Herald
Norwood talks agriculture at Whiterock

Carroll, IA -  The race for secretary of Iowa Agriculture isn’t at the top of the ticket on the November ballot. But it effectively should be, said the Democratic candidate for the office John Norwood.  “I think this is fundamentally one of the two most important positions in Iowa,” Norwood said Sunday during an outdoor event at Whiterock Conservancy attended by 40 people. Norwood is challenging Republican incumbent Mike Naig. In fact, Norwood said, the state ag secretary position could be more important than other races in Iowa because so much of the nation sees Iowa as a leader on farm and land-use issues.
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June 9, 2022 Carroll Times Herald
John Norwood speaks on campaign as Democratic candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

Carroll, IA -   John Norwood, the Democratic candidate for Iowa secretary of Agriculture, sat down for an interview with the Carroll Times Herald to discuss ethanol use, cannabis, and overall agriculture in Iowa.
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June 8, 2022 Bleeding Heartland
Favorite wildflowers of Iowa's 2022 Democratic Ticket

Des Moines, IA -   For this post-primary election edition of Iowa wildflower Wednesday, I asked all of Iowa's Democratic nominees for federal or statewide offices about their favorite wildflowers.
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May 25, 2022 KHOI 89.1 FM Radio - Local Talk
Norwood discusses innovative farming practices

Ames, IA - Listen to John Norwood discuss innovative farming practices and how Iowa can carve a path as a world leader in soil health, water integrity, and responsible production.  John's interview starts at the 47:00 minute mark. 
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May 18, 2022 The Daily Gate City
Norwood shares ideas about ag

Keokuk, IA - Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Candidate John Norwood said if Iowa was its own country, it would be in the top 10 in the world in agriculture production. That means the position for which he is running is important to the state.
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May 18, 2022 The Daily Gate City
Norwood to hold meet and greets

Keokuk, IA - John Norwood, the Democratic candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture will have two meet and greets in Lee County on Saturday, May 21.  
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May 16, 2022 The Hawk Eye

How Iowa ag secretary hopeful John Norwood has a plan to make Iowa the Silicon Valley of ag with sustainability in mind
Burlington, IA -  Iowa Secretary of Agriculture candidate John Norwood, a Des Moines Democrat, wants to make ag hip again. During a visit to Burlington this week, during which he attended the Des Moines County Democrats' annual banquet, Norwood shared with The Hawk Eye a vision for the future of Iowa's ag sector that includes farm parks, crop and farmer diversification, soil and water conservation, and education that he believes will draw more people to rural Iowa and encourage healthier farming practices.

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May 11, 2022 Raccoon Valley Radio KDLS

Let’s Talk Greene County - Democratic Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture: John Norwood
Perry, IA -  John Norwood is running as a Democrat for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Listen to a two part series interview about his candidacy.

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April 25, 2022 Iowa Labor News

Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, Makes 2022 Political Endorsements
Des Moines, IA -  The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO held its Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E) Convention, April 23, in Des Moines, Iowa this past weekend.  This is the formal step in the process to evaluate candidates for the first round of endorsements for the 2022 election cycle.

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February 8, 2022 KCRG News / ABC 9

Democrat John Norwood announces run for Iowa Agriculture Secretary
West Des Moines IA -  Democrat John Norwood announced he will run as a challenger to incumbent Mike Naig for Iowa’s Agriculture Secretary.Norwood is currently the Polk County Soil & Water Commissioner.

In a news release announcing his candidacy, Norwood said his first priority will be to build urban and rural support around agriculture systems that are built to last.
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February 8, 2022 Des Moines Register

Democrat John Norwood challenges Republican incumbent Mike Naig in race for Iowa agriculture secretary
Des Moines IA - John Norwood, a Polk County soil and water commissioner, said Monday he was launching an election challenge to incumbent Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig. Norwood, a Democrat, is founder of TBL Ventures, a Des Moines company that advises businesses on environmental, social and governance issues.
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February 9, 2022 Bleeding Heartland

Interview: John Norwood outlines his vision for Iowa agriculture
Des Moines IA - Polk County Soil and Water Commissioner John Norwood announced on February 7 that he will run for Iowa secretary of agriculture as a Democrat. In a news release enclosed at the end of this post, Norwood promised to "protect urban and rural consumers, expand economic opportunities around diversified food and agricultural production, and advocate for the needs of ALL food, grain, and livestock producers." He added that he wants to create a "a modern vision for Iowa for its highly productive but “unbalanced” agricultural system," in order to provide "healthy soil, clean air, swimmable/fishable waters and safe drinking water for everyone.”

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