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John Norwood

for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
Fresh Ideas. Courage to Lead.

 Iowa Built to Last


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Water sovereignty is the right of every Iowan – whether farmer, consumer, landowner, fisherman, or recreationalist – to have access to clean, safe, abundant, and sustainable water resources.  Resources that are foundational to human health, crop and animal health, our economy, and our general welfare.


Healthy soil is the foundation of productive, sustainable agriculture here in Iowa. Think of dirt as the physical and chemical properties

and add the biology to get soil.

Soil health has been defined as the "the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living system, within ecosystem and land-use boundaries, to sustain biological productivity, promote the quality of air and water environments, and maintain plant, animal, and human health."

(Pankhurst et al., 1997)


Community health is the collective well-being of community members as defined by human health, animal health and economic well-being.

A fundamental measure of a community’s health is its population. While a growing or even stable population may be described as healthy, communities in decline are decidedly not.

In Iowa, nearly 70 of our 99 counties are suffering from population decline


"John Norwood will make an excellent Secretary of Agriculture. His background in leading an agricultural land trust, his knowledge of the possibilities in farm based renewable energy and in marketing Iowa grown food make him uniquely suited for the position. Even more important is his vision for our future where Iowans continue to farm with healthy soil, clean water and clean air. I urge you to support him."

Patty Judge, former Lieutenant Governor of Iowa; and IA Secretary of Agriculture

"I support John Norwood because he finds common ground to bring people together to work for the common good.  It still is the best fit I have seen of your approach to problem solving. I feel it is what you did in your neighborhood with the goat project, again with building saturated buffers and again leading the Polk County Soil Commissioner's effort refusing to sign off on allowing five tons per acre soil loss." 

Paul A.;  farmer, Taylor County, IA

"As a farmer, Norwood recognizes my need to make a profit.  He recognizes Iowans want clean water in their lakes and streams.  And he thinks Iowa's most valuable asset is its land and water.  John is looking out for the next generation of Iowans, like my 10 year old daughter.  I trust John and his values." 

David W., farmer, Boone County, IA

"Norwood is solutions driven . He thinks for himself and listens to people.  He knows how to find consensus among groups with different points of view in order to do what is best for Iowans. As Secretary of Agriculture, he will bring fresh ideas and thinking to the position and will work tirelessly as a champion for Iowa."

Peggy Stover,  former Fortune 500 executive, Linn County, IA

"John Norwood has shown to be a very strong advocate for the farmer. He is dedicated to the advancement of agriculture and conservation in Iowa. John would be a great Secretary of Agriculture working for Iowa." 

Jeff Pudenz, farmer, Boone and Pocahontas Counties

"As a Polk County farm owner and operator, I support John Norwood’s campaign for Iowa’s Secretary of Food, Land, and Water. John and I like to kayak on Iowa rivers and based on our conversations, I believe he will dedicate his office to bringing rural and urban Iowans together to improve soil health and water quality for all."

Lee S. Tesdell, Tesdell Century Farm, Slater, IA


"John Norwood is forward thinking and recognizes small farms for what they are - an important part of Iowa's economy and the way to revitalize Iowa.  John listens when farmers share their challenges and is prepared to be a partner in bringing solutions to life. " 

Emily Paulsen,, farmer, Shelby County

"I own and operate Garuda Farms in Tipton, IA.  There is a place in the state of Iowa for small growers like me to be included in conversations about how agriculture in this state operates. We need large scale agriculture in order to support the Iowa economy, but we don’t need their lobbyists writing the water quality rules. I’m confident that John can navigate between cleaning up Iowa’s waterways and maintaining our global position as a food supplier to the world. He’s also going to look out for local providers like me. "


Sean Malone, farmer, Cedar County

"As a farmer, I support John Norwood for Secretary of Agriculture. Iowa needs a solutions focused leader who understands the real challenges facing farming today. Land is our most valuable resource and farming practices must evolve to prioritize sustainable growth, soil conservation, and healthy waterways. " 

Landon Plagge, farmer, Franklin County

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